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Appalachian Coal Country Team

Appalachian Environmental Stewardship Trainings

The Appalachian Coal Country Team Training is a biannual event held for the Appalachian Coal Country Team’s Office of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Enforcement/AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (OSMRE/VISTAs) and their local supervisors. This conference brings together a diverse group of individuals and groups dedicated to protecting the environment, creating economic opportunities, and preserving the history and culture of Appalachia.

coal country team members

Attendees are college-educated OSMRE/VISTAs and experienced supervisors, giving them a chance to learn from each other while simultaneously meeting professionals in their field who help guide advanced discussions and workshops.

We seek experienced presenters to train our OSMRE/VISTAs so they can help the non-profits they serve throughout Appalachia to grow and make lasting changes in their communities. Also in attendance will be a diverse group of local leaders who live, work, and volunteer throughout Appalachia and act as supervisors for our Team.  By providing valuable skills to these community leaders as well as OSMRE/VISTAs, we can prepare these grassroots organizations for long-term stability. 

With over 100 attendees coming from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, the Appalachian Coal Country Team’s Environmental Stewardship Training offers an excellent opportunity for experienced presenters to share their knowledge and make a difference for families and future generations throughout Appalachia.

coal country team members during training

Sponsorship Opportunities

We welcome local businesses and organizations to help in any way they can. Support reaches not only conference attendees, but also the communities in which they serve. For more information see the sponsorship announcement and sponsorship form.

We are open to variations of sponsorship not currently listed. Your donation is also tax deductible. Please mail the form to April Trent at 115 South Kanawha St. PO Box 5513, Beckley WV, 25801; fax to 304-252-4889; or email to